who we are

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Our Story

It all started with a young boy named Tyler.  Tyler, his mother, and brother were attending an evening program at Point Washington United Methodist Church when he captured the attention of one volunteer, Tricia.  Tyler was withdrawn, never smiling, and acting out towards his mother.  After speaking with his mom, she informed Tricia that Tyler was being bullied at school for his jagged teeth, referring to him as "monster mouth".  Tricia knew she had to do something.  This boy could not continue on without help.  So she called in the help of friends at the church to find a dentist that could help Tyler.  A local dentist offered to provide braces to Tyler free of charge.  Post dental transformation, Tyler began smiling, making friends and ended up becoming the captain of his wrestling team.  Out of this situation, Children's Volunteer Health Network was born in 2005.

Children’s Volunteer Health Network, HEALTHY HAPPY KIDS, is a faith-based 501(c)3 organization, established in 2005 in direct response to Walton and Okaloosa counties’ large population of families who are unable to access high-quality health services due to the unavailability (or inadequacy) of insurance.

Our organization facilitates the delivery of comprehensive, direct medical, dental and mental health services to school children whose family income falls below certain measures throughout Walton and Okaloosa Counties and surrounding communities.


We seek to improve the health and well-being of children in need. 


For all of God's children to be healthy, happy, and see their future as limitless.