How to Start A Team and Fundraising Page


How to start a Fundraising Team

Follow the steps on this page.

If you have questions, please email us or call 850.622.3200.

You may also download a pdf of these instructions by clicking here.

  1. Go to the race registration page and start the normal registration process.

2. Click the Race you would like to sign up for. On the right-hand side, you will see a button “Join Group/Team”.  Click this to join an existing team or create a new team.


3. To Join an existing team, simply select the team from the drop down menu or search for the team in the search box. If you want to create a new team, skip this step and move to Step 4.


4. To create a new team, click the “Create a New Group/Team” Here you will create your Team Name and set a password if you would like.  Click Continue.  We don’t recommend setting a password.


5. Click Continue at the bottom and follow the prompts for the Waiver, Shirt Size, ect. Then you will come to Step 6.

6. You will come to the donation/fundraising portion of registration.  If you want your team to raise money for CVHN, click the blue button “Become a Fundraiser”.


8. Follow prompts to create your team. Make sure to set a goal for your team to raise!  All team fundraisers monies will directly impact CVHN programs.

9. Once you have registered you can share on social channels. We recommend to stay logged in and go to the primary navigation EDIT FUNDRAISER and create an easy to use custom fundraiser URL and perhaps add a fun image.